Current status: work in progress

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Soika Wallet

The most secure open source cryptocurrency non-custodial wallet with AirGap support


Free and Open Source Free and Open Source

Fully open source desktop application and AirGap mobile application. Minimally dependent on vendor libraries, readable code for audit.

No Data Collection No Data Collection

No trackers, no ads, no tracing, no hidden api calls.

AirGap support AirGap support

AirGap mobile application providing offline transactions signing.

Multiple private RPC Multiple private RPC

RPC endpoint selectable options for every account, targeted for using multiple private nodes.

Derivation addresses Derivation addresses

Hierarchical deterministic addresses generation with BIP-39, BIP-44 support. Mnemonic seed entropy 256 bit used by default.

Lightweight application Lightweight application

Desktop console application with terminal UI, written on Golang. Ready for SSH or live-CD using. Mobile application supports GrapheneOS, and does not require Google Services or Internet connection.

Soika Wallet screenshot user interface